Carp Pool

The Pool

The pool was created 10 years ago and has matured nicely since then with the introduction of water lilies and reeds to the marginal perimeter creating a pretty piece of water for you guys wanting to get some action in before you book on our Beautiful 12 swim Specimen lake,4 Doubles and 8 Singles.

The pool with an approximate size of a third of an acre and depths ranging from 4 feet all the way down to 11ft you can expect to catch immaculate mirrors,commons and ghost carp all year round.The pool consists of 80 carp 5lb to 20lb and we added 14 months ago another 22 more double figure carp to 20lbs to spice up the action,! pics on our fb page.Aprox 100 p0pulation.

Please read fishery rules on Rules page

A standard size cradle/mat with sides are ok for these smaller Carp.Available to hire £10/Day

A maximum of 2 rods/person/swim are permitted on the carp pool just 3 swims


No membership required.

Bookings only speak with Paul 01403243213.

Exclusive booking for the whole 3 swim Pool

24hrs £90.00 48hrs £165.00.

Day 9am to 7pm£20
24 hrs£30
36 hrs (Day Night Day)£45
48 hrs£55


5 Nights£125
7 Nights£150