Pike Fishing

The Pike fishing season at Menards is from 1st November to the end of February

  • Day Sessions available 8am to 7pm by Booking Only 01403243213 £25 (Two Rods). You can Book a Specific Swim from our Lake Swim Pictures Page or Choose one on Arrival.
  • Standaed Carp Cradles or High Sided Mats are required for Pike fishing. Refer to Predator rules page
  • Smelt dead baits have proved to be one of the best baits, make sure you bring plenty as it can be quite Prolific.
  • Alternatively Best bait bring some maggots and catch some of our rudd and use as live bait.
  • Good Luck to all of you and please abide by the Venue Rules.
  • Please Email your Pictures to: [email protected]

Please note Some of the Pike run into the upper Twenties,Lake Record 28lb please make sure you are adequately equipped.

Thank you.

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