Pike Fishing

The Pike fishing season at Menards is from 1st November to the end of February

  • Day Sessions available by Booking Only @ £25 (9am to 6pm).to get the gate number you need to be a member otherwise gates open at 9am.
  • Carp Cradles are required for Pike fishing. Refer to rules page
  • Smelt dead baits have proved to be one of the best baits, make sure you bring plenty.
  • Good Luck to all of you and please abide by the Venue Rules.
  • Please Email your Pictures to: [email protected]
  • Best bait bring some maggots and catch some of our rudd live bait to use.

The cost of a day Session 9am to 6pm is £25.00 (2 RODS) by Booking Only.
(Please note after you have booked you will need to give 48 Hours notice of cancellation, if you don’t you are still liable for the cost). Ring 01403 243213 to Book

Please note Some of the Pike run into the mid Twenties, please make sure you are adequately equipped.

Thank you.

Predator Rules to be read in conjunction with main fishery rules

Click Here For Main Fishery Rules

  • Predator fishing is only allowed in the Winter months Nov through to the end of Feb.
  • Static fishing ONLY from the 12 swims available
  • Anyone who has not fished for pike before or who is under the age of 15 will not be allowed to fish unless supervised by an experienced adult
  • Dead Baits only i.e. sprat/mackerel
  • Live Bait and freshly killed dead baits must not be brought onto the fishery. Anyone found doing so WILL be prosecuted for illegal fish movements and not welcomed back
  • You must be in possession of suitable tackle i.e.Carp or Pike rods. Sea tackle is not permitted
  • You must use a recognised wire trace system
  • Only 1 or 2 hook rigs are allowed. When using double hook rigs,the hooks should not be more than 3″ apart and no larger than size 6
  • All hooks must be barbless and not larger than size 6
  • No Spinners or Plugs
  • This venue operates an immediate strike rule,delay in striking will only guarantee you a deep hooked fish
  • If a fish is deep hooked,hold the fish in the water in a landing net and seek help.Do not prod about as this will kill the fish
  • Never weigh or lift a fish by the gills
  • When moving the fish use a landing net or zipped up unhooking mat and NEVER carry the fish unsupported even for short distances
  • When photographing fish, support the fish over a large unhooking mat,kneel and never stand up with fish
  • When returning fish after capture,please support the fish in the water giving it plenty of time to recover before releasing.